Global anisotropy of physical space

experimental and theoretical basis
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Space and time, Anisotropy, Relativity (Physics), Gravit
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The Physical Object
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In the monograph, the results of experimental investigations of the global anisotropy of physical space hypothetically caused by the existence of cosmological vectorial potential, a new fundamental vectorial constant associated with a new anisotropic interaction of objects in nature, are : Yu A.


Description Global anisotropy of physical space FB2

In the monograph, the results of experimental investigations of the global anisotropy of physical space hypothetically caused by the existence of cosmological vectorial potential, a new fundamental vectorial constant associated with a new anisotropic interaction of objects in nature, are presented.

CONTENTS: Foreward; Notation; Introduction; Initial Experiments on Investigation of Anisotropic Properties of Physical Space Using High-Current Magnets, Torsion and Piezoresonance Balances; Introduction Experimental Investigations of Changes in ss-Decay Rate of Radioactive Elements and Global Anisotropy of Physical Space; Experimental Investigations of Characteristics of New Force Using Magnetic Discs Rotating in Vacuum; Experimental Investigations of Global Anisotropy of Physical Space.

The Anisotropy of Cosmic Rays and the Global Anisotropy of Physical SpaceCited by: 8. The influence of a new anisotropic factor onto the mechanism of accelerating cosmic rays up to ultrahigh energies (CR UHE) due to a new global natural force with the anisotropic behavior is considered.

The directions in the physical space along which CR UHE can arrive, are Size: KB. The results point to a significant link between the angle formed by the cosmological vector potentialrepresenting the global anisotropy of the physical space and the surface tangent to the local Earth’s surface and the occurrence of the most energetic tornadoes; as a consequence, such tornadoes are shown to occur only at specific times of the day depending on latitude, longitude and day of the year.

global anisotropy of the physical space. Therefore, only data concerning tornadoes are needed at this stage of the research, incl uding date, time, peak. about the byuon theory and the global anisotropy of the physical space (Section), the role of such anisotropy for the additional energy supply to tornadoes (Section), as.

The results show that anisotropic models are inconsistent with observations. According to the authors’ new limits, the odds that our Universe is anisotropic are 1 out ofThis research is published in Physical Review Letters. –Michael Schirber. Michael Schirber is a Corresponding Editor for Physics based in Lyon, France.

Global anisotropy and the thickness of continents Yuancheng Gung, Barbara Romanowicz and Mark Panning Berkeley Seismological Laboratory and Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Berkeley, CA, ,USA.

Since the concept of "tectosphere" was first proposed, there have been vigorous debates about the depth extent of continental roots1,2.

Universal Propulsion Harnessing the Global Anisotropy of the Physical Space. Some global seismic tomographic models agree with this estimate, but others suggest that a much thicker zone of high velocities lies beneath continental shields 6,7,8,9, reaching a depth of at least km.

Here we show that this disagreement can be reconciled by taking into account seismic by: A simple electro-mechanical device is shown to harness the global anisotropy of the physical space in order to generate a traction force having an universal character because it doesn’t involve the exchange of momentum either with any contact surface or conventional medium such as water or air, or any ordinary ejected substance such as exhaust gases or ionized particles, but with the physical space.

A new azimuthal anisotropy model for the North American and Caribbean Plates, namely, is constructed based on full waveform inversion and records from the USArray and other temporary/permanent networks deployed in the study region.A total of earthquakes and 4, seismographic stations are employed in the inversion to simultaneously constrain radially and azimuthally anisotropic Author: Hejun Zhu, Jidong Yang, Xueyan Li.

Physics > Plasma Physics Title: Experimental Investigation of New Method of Energy Generation in Plasma Devices caused by Existence of Physical Space Global Anisotropy Authors:, nko, o (Central Research Institute of Machine Building, Korolyov, Moscow Region, Russia)Cited by: 1.

Theory allows determining the distribution of currents in the corners, measured from the axis of anisotropy. Generate currents in the Eight spin shock waves model (see, e.g., [1] and [3]) in the inner configuration space is in the same range of angles from 32° to ° from the axis of anisotropy.

Experimental results for a range of other sedimentary and carbonate rocks are also reported for comparison purposes.

Significant anisotropy is observed in shale fracture toughness measurements at ambient conditions, with values, as high as MPa m 1/2 Cited by:   The coordinate of global anisotropy is determined: right ascension α ≈ ° ± 5°. Physical space anisotropy and the associated new interaction are investigated.

These new physical characteristics of space are observed over a broad range Physical space Cited by: 2. Experimental data on cosmic-ray intensity and anisotropy are analyzed and systematized; data obtained from the global network of neutron counters, from particle telescopes, and data on various physical characteristics of the upper atmosphere, solar activity, and the interplanetary medium are considered.

The main emphasis is placed on quasi-periodic variations of day type and lunar-diurnal. Magnetosheath plasmas are typically characterized by a proton β > 1 and a proton temperature anisotropy T ⊥ /T ∥ > 1. Such a plasma is unstable to both the ion cyclotron anisotropy and mirror instabilities, and evidence for both of these growing modes has been found in the by: These fluctuations exceed significantly errors of measurements in many cases.

They have the periodical character and reveal definite spatial directions. We suggest that the observed fluctuations are caused by the unique physical reason connected with the global anisotropy of physical space Cited by: Properties of Materials: Anisotropy, Symmetry, Structure 1st Edition Most importantly, every physical phenomena described in the book is masterfully linked to its chemical or structural origin, and structure-property relations are effectively conveyed to the reader.

The discussion of principles and facts are supported with plenty of Cited by: well modeled by a superposition of the Global Anisotropy and the Midscale Anisotropy. The Global Anisotropy would be generated by galactic cosmic rays interacting with the magnetic field in the local interstellar space of scale ∼2pc surrounding the heliosphere.

On the other hand, the Midscale Anisotropy, possibly caused by the modulation of. Universal propulsion harnessing the global anisotropy of Published by Guset User, Description: Yuriy Alexeevich Baurov et al.: Universal Propulsion Harnessing the Global Anisotropy of the Physical Space shorter experimental run was carried out between.

Two fundamental theoretical tools are used in this purpose. The first one is the effective medium theory and the second one is the anisotropic poroelastic theory. Using both, it is possible from first principles to predict anisotropy and dispersion.

Results are shown to be valid up to a total crack density of Most bulk elastic media are weakly anisotropic.

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The equations governing weak anisotropy are much simpler than those governing strong anisotropy, and they are much easier to grasp intuitively.

These equations indicate that a certain anisotropic parameter (denoted delta) controls most anisotropic phenomena of importance in exploration geophysics Cited by: This comprehensive treatise is the first to be devoted solely to the study of the effect of electrical anisotropy in the propagation of electromagnetic waves in the earth.

The book handles a wide range of local, regional and global geophysical problems. It also provides analytical solutions to complex physical situations, related numerical results, and graphic displays for many fundamental and.

Baurov Yu.A, On the structure of physical vacuum and a new interaction in Nature (Theory, Experiment and Applications) (New York, Nova Science, ). Baurov Yu.A, Global Anisotropy of Physical Space.

Details Global anisotropy of physical space FB2

Experimental and Theoretical Basis (New York, Nova Science, ). Baurov Yu.A, Theory of Byuon and Global Anisotropy of Physical : Yu. Baurov, I. Malov. CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): An experimental investigation of a new interaction connected with the existence of the cosmological vectorial potential, has been carried out.

On its basis, a new method of energy generation with the use of a plasma generator, has been studied. The experimental results are presented. Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books. My libraryMissing: Physical Space. Contributions from leading experts regarding important aspects like synthesis, assembly, properties and applications of the above materials are compiled into a reference book.

The anisotropy, i.e. the direction-dependent physical properties, of materials is fascinating and elegant and has sparked the quest for anisotropic materials with useful.

The topics of anisotropy and bianisotropy are fundamental to electromagnetics from both theoretical and experimental perspectives. These properties underpin a host of complex and exotic electromagnetic phenomenons in naturally occurring materials and in relativistic scenarios, as well as in artificially produced metamaterials.The material anisotropy can be roughly classified into two categories: Process-induced anisotropy and intrinsic anisotropy.

Some typical causes of material anisotropy are illustrated in Fig. 1. The process-induced anisotropy is caused by the layer-by-layer manufacturing feature of the AM process [1], which results in anisotropic by: